Fast forward 75 years into the future. Fortunately, climate change is under control. But since a lot of the water has melted, society now partially lives underwater. 

I created a concept for a project recently. Sadly it didn't get picked. I still like the character and her cloud buddy a lot so I thought I'd share it anyway :)

Main character

- Everyone wears a climate suit outdoors, tailored to your needs

- Since society has also shifted to live underwater, with one click she can breathe underwater

- Has gravity boots to make underwater walking easier

- When indoors she uses a holographic watch and glasses

Cloud buddies

- Everything digitally lives in the cloud, so everyone has a cloud buddy

- He has a pyramid radar and GPS

- Knows the status of all your projects and of others, so ultimate syncing

- Has a built-in place for holographic calls

- Can carry stuff if needed

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