A Landing Page for the Online Book Club

How are u doin', folks?

Excited to present to you the project I've done in collaboration with my partner in crime illustrator

The landing page idea of the online book club came to me 'cause the online world is extending rapidly. So why not have an online book club? The mission is aimed at bringing together people of the same interests.

The concept is implemented using only three colors. White and black for the background and text, respectively. I wanted to emphasize a direct connection with the theme of the books, which are classically printed in black ink on a light background. The illustrations are also monochrome, with splashes of orange accent color.

My favorite part is a mascot - 'bookworm,' that reads a book in different poses on a landing page. 

In addition, for cards with genres, illustrations were drawn that reflect the most famous heroes of a particular genre. For instance, for a detective - Sherlock Holmes, fantasy - Harry Potter, a story/novel - Romeo and Juliet.

Do you like the idea? Leave the comments and press 'L' if you enjoyed It.😉

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