LG Smart Clock Product Design

Case Study

LG Timezone

Connected Smart Clock


Develop connected smart wall clock that will display time as well as other user-generated events. Clock will detect various event types and display reminders as determined by system. Reminders and notifications will be friendly and approachable as well as have escalating levels of urgency depending on event type. Work within framework determined by industrial design team utilizing central screen + radial indicators along bevel. 


Lead Product Designer and worked directly with LG product team Seoul, Korea. 

Process 1: Different clock designs were proposed by the industrial design team.

Process 2: Initially sketched out different methods of notifications and how to display them. 

Process 3: Selected a notification style.

Process 4: Determine all event types and urgency levels

Process 5: Once we had defined the event types we advanced to animating the event types

Solution Summary

All design decisions were approved and integrated into final product that was manufactured at LG Korea and shipped and sold internationally. 

Napkin sketch to product launch, and everything in between

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