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🧐 What do you like about the green colour? 🟢

Green is the best colour to describe the organic nature🌱 of the product. Actually, green doesn’t mean only nature, but it also gives an impression of success😎 due to our habit of seeing money as something green 💵.

When it comes to tea packaging🫖 or branding, we usually use green🍵 because our brain🧠 reassures us that it is the right product for us. However, don't be too fast🏃🏻 in using every green colour you have in your colour palette🎨. Like any colour, it has also been positively➕ and negatively➖ effective. Make sure that you train your eyes 👀 on the colour selection and choose the right tones to build positive associations 👨🏻‍🏫.

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