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Editing contacts when our users have a ton of them is not an easy thing, and when you know that every contact can have tasks, notes, and a lot of different options - well, it’s fun - that’s for sure.

Here I will show you the most interesting features:

View mailings

Here admin can quickly learn what email was sent to his particular contact


Every admin could create tasks for one particular contact. Tasks have some regular features like due dates, type of task, priority, etc. fun stuff.


Sometimes tasks are not enough, that’s why our users can create notes for each contact. It works quite simply - the user can add text, images, or even files.

That’s it for now. Thanks for watching!

BTW. I’m currently open to any freelance projects related to UI design, feel free to reach me out here on via email - let’s talk!

Mateusz Dembek
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