While employed in the Digital Technology group at Nike, I was one of a select few full-time designers who were tasked with redesigning and updating the Nike+ Fuelband App. Within this 2.2 release of the Nike+ Fuelband app, I worked to create interaction frameworks, user flows, user experience / interface design, and overall design thinking to help the app perform better. This case study shows a partial user flow for finding friends on the Nike+ network. The user can search via the Nike+ Network, Facebook, or their phone contacts.

While what is being shown is not solely MY work (small team), I touched, designed, iterated, annotated on every screen being shown. This work was created by myself, Brent Loosli (design tech lead), Jeremey Fleischer (sr. experience designer), who led overall design / UI concepts for the app under Nike+ Design Director Mike Wood and Software Experience Design Director Matt Mahar.

Posted on Mar 1, 2015
Greg Becker
Independent Product Design & Direction (UI/UX)

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