Spanish Preserved Food Editorial

Roundel illustrations for The Times to accompany an article feature on Spanish preserved meat and vegetables. Prepared and packaged as gourmet products, these tins and jars taste equally good preserved as they do fresh ✨

Client : News UK

Art Director : Valentina Verc

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Tuna from the Bay of Biscay, Cádiz and Andalusia

Anchovies from the Cantabrian coast and Catalonia

Sun-dried salt fish from Murcia

Caviar from Granada

Bacalao from the Basque Country and Catalonia

Mussels from Galicia

Spanish molluscs from Cadiz and the Atlantic coast

PDO Pimiento del Piquillo de Lodosa peppers from Navarre

Artichokes from Tudela

Asparagus from La Rioja, AragĂłn

Grey Mullet Roe

Elen Winata
Art Director & Illustrator

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