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About the project

This time I would like to show something that I started working on in December (2021). This particular project is enormously large.

From Dec to Today I already spend 430 work hours, and still, it’s WIP.

So, the task was quite “easy” - redesigning the existing product used by the users, changing some basic elements, making it more user-friendly, and making it just nice.

When it comes to the product itself, it’s a large platform to send multiple emails to multiple contacts.

Drag & Drop

This particular screen shows an email creator where the user can create an email from scratch. By drag & drop elements from the left sidebar to the canvas and editing settings of every element in the right sidebar.



So yeah, that’s it for now. Soon, I will post more screenshots from this product, so stay tuned.

BTW. I’m currently open to any freelance projects related to UI design, feel free to reach me out here on via email ( - let’s talk!

Posted on Sep 29, 2022
Mateusz Dembek
UI/Web Designer. Available for freelance projects.

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