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Pietra Di Luna is a modern metaphysical wellness shop located in Rome, Italy. The shop holds carefully curated products such as healing crystals, oracle cards, tarot decks, candles, journals, books, oils, incense, and more for rituals or just to provide good energy to one's sacred spaces.

Behind every product in Pietra Di Luna is a story and livelihood with chosen product sources from families, women, and other underrepresented groups in the area. The shop provides a space for those new to the world of metaphysical health and wellness to come and learn with walk-in readings and meditation courses. Pietra Di Luna holds everything a person needs for rituals and activities such as card readings, yoga, and meditation, as well as supplies to bring good energy into a space. Books sold in Pietra Di Luna educate on the importance of health and healing including insight into meditation, manifestation, card readings, and more.

This quaintly designed shop is located in Monti, Rome — a hip urban space with many vintage and new age-inspired finds! Pietra Di Luna encourages consumers to find products for empowering rituals in day-to-day life.

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