The Dynamic Island: New Era

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Dynamic Island, the iPhone's new "notch", helps make your phone more personal. A notch is a cutout above the screen that shows you what’s going on at a glance, dynamically morphing and looking like a variety of different things depending on your needs.

Dynamic Island uses Apple’s machine learning technology to adapt to whatever it is you use your iPhone for all day long—from incoming phone calls, alerts, notifications, to Face ID authentication, timers, and more. We have created this design on Figma. Here are the specifics:

Font - SF Compact (Bold, Semibold, Light) - used as per iOS Guideline

Techniques- 1.Figma Prototype Animation

Our designer says - While designing this app concept I applied the design knowledge I already have and even learned a few more new things during the process. I'd say no matter the level of expertise you are at, you must keep practicing and applying those skills to refine your ideas and deliver polished products!

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