Montro — Details (Early concept) ⏱

It has been a while since i've uploaded something on Dribbble. These concept screens were designed during my time at DFFRNT Lab (+/- 3 years ago) for a project called Montro. Montro is a market place for watch enthusiasts, where they can search, collect and purchase pre-owned luxurious time pieces.

During this period I was highly involved in shaping the look and feel of the platform, together with Hidde van der PloegBas Dobbelaer and Jasper Hauser.

The screen shown here is a detail page of a specific watch you have chosen from either an overview or from the search results. It showcases the watch, it's specifications but also some refreshing information such as the story and history behind the specific time piece and even a diverse set of media collected from around the internet that highlight interesting facts about the watch.

It was a lot of fun to work on Montro and am very pleased to see the current platform running live.

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