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Hey folks! 👋

Today I come back with another little sneak peek of our internal branding refresh, which we have been working on successively at Vision Trust since the beginning of 2022. 🚀

On the new website, we want to meet the expectations of our potential partners and provide them with a complete set of the most important information from the very beginning.

One of these elements is the price.

We work in the Times & Materials model and we value our work based on an hourly rate. However, the price or potential cost is usually information hidden by many companies.

In our partner relations with clients, we value transparency and clear rules above all else. We approach the valuation of our work in the same way. We provide transparent information, with no hidden costs.

It is this element on the website that we want to show you in a sneak peek - how to transparently, with substantive support, introduce the client to the process of our cooperation. ✨

Soon more, more and more! 🙌

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Would you like to implement a branding, website or a mobile application,

but you do not know where to start?

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Enjoy and have a nice day! 🚀

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