English Learning App

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Use this app to expand your English vocabulary and enhance speaking skills 🗣️

On the shot, you can see 👁️👁️:

✨the Get Started page — here you start working with the platform;

✨the homescreen — use it to search for a required topic, browse through the list of topics, and work with the vocabulary you have already learned;

✨the topic screen — it contains various learning techniques (vocabulary jam, spelling bee 🐝, practice, etc.) and an invitation to sign up for an individual class 👨‍🏫

Blue 📘 sets accents here. It symbolizes intelligence, safety, and trust.

You can learn English on your own or with a specialist 👨‍🏫 who can help you improve your speaking 📣

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Interface by Daria Lobacheva

Motion by Nikolai

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