Pulse +

Venture Studio is a joint incubator / venture fund within Northwestern Mutual, who invent and invest in the future of web3, fintech, and healthtech. Recognizing the potential in a partnership with AGNT, they utilized our full service team for their at-home wellness test kit with a 3.5 month timeline.

Branding + Packaging Design

Guided by the market research we conducted, we developed their brand guidelines which included a logo, wordmark, icon, lockup, and a strategic approach to engage with their newly defined audience.

Site design / Marketing

We designed an intuitive marketing site to educate and engage while combining data from a host of different wearables with the at-home test kit results in a beautiful dashboard with a consistent message throughout.

Product design / dashboard

We built out a robust card feature allowing users to arrange their dashboard by what is most important to them, and an integrated blog that customized itself to the user, designed a gorgeous custom box to house the test kits, and introduced the brand to the world via a series of social media posts designed to intrigue. With our help, Pulse Plus reached their goal of signing up 100 participants. 

With this win under our belt, we continued this partnership designing Northwestern Mutual’s first NFT, completing multiple web3 experiments, and building and developing websites for multiple startups. 

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