Sidecar Logotype

I had the pleasure of working on this hand-lettered logotype for @Focus Lab new adventure Sidecar. It is always fun to collaborate with awesome people, that are super passionate about design.

This gif gives a glimpse into the tedious process of tweaking and tweaking and tweaking a logo until it is right. @Bill S Kenney and I went back and forth on this until it felt right to both of us. That is the reason we landed where we did and the true meaning of collaboration.

Sidecar is a platform to help support the design community with digital products along side best practice and shared knowledge resources. And we're just getting started.

If you want to hear more news leading up to launch go to and sign up!

I have attached some of the original sketches, a Bézier curve shot and the final logo.

As always you can follow along my daily lettering here:


Bob Ewing
Independent Brand Designer from Indianapolis.

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