Urbano — Digital Agency Website

Digital Agency Website

Who are they?

Your friends

A group of friends from a famous college contacted us to build a digital agency website.

Unsure of many things required for their journey, we stepped in to help them become the next best digital agency there is. And we did that by creating a UI that let the visitor know what and who this is.

Digital Agency Website

The experience

The purest of emotions

We wanted to tell the story, let their visitors and potential clients know who they are, how they work, what they sound like, what their vibe is. And vibe says a lot. To achieve it we did a lot of meetings with the folks and understood their character and personality and narrowed it to something they all can vibe with.

The best of best and none of the worse. What you see and feel is exactly the owners of this agency is like. They're a fun bunch with an energetic and chill vibe but with a fresh approach to work.

Digital Agency Website

Hey folks,

Minimal and creative design for Digital Agency — Urbano.

Hope you all are healthy and having a nice day!

Hope you guys like it 👍

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