Flup - Admin panel for furniture ordering Webservice

Flup is an admin platform for an online furniture store that allows managers to track and manage orders, arrange delivery of goods, analyze various sales indicators, as well as adjust and add a new assortment.

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In order to make it convenient for managers to organize and track all important information about orders, we have added the ability to search for an order by order ID, customer, and order status. Managers can filter orders by date, delivery status, direction, etc. Since the most important information in an order is the delivery status and order status, we put a color accent on these indicators in the table so that it is convenient for the manager to manage orders quickly.

The "Marketplace" tab presents the entire range of the online store, where the manager can search for the product he needs, as well as filter and sort all the products. There are list and grid view so that each manager can comfortably view a large amount of data in a form convenient for him.

The product card contains all the necessary information: the display name, ID, price, available colors, dimensions, material, category, quantity, and which warehouse the product is located.

One of the main tasks of the project was the possibility of tracking delivery in real-time and quick communication with the driver.

Our solution was to display all tracks using cards that briefly and visually display basic information about the delivery, such as route distance, estimated time, current location, and how much time is left to the delivery destination. The selected card contains information about the product, vehicle, driver, customer, etc.

This service was a very responsible project for us, as it helps to simplify the interaction with a rather complex process of managing deliveries around the world. We were happy to contribute to the development of logistics and provide a convenient and user-friendly interface for managers.


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