eCommerce Sales Software

Ecommerce Software - Overview page

E-commerce Sales Software

E-commerce Software lets you monitor what's going on with your sales and get insights into your business.

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Ecommerce Software - Overview page Total Sales

Ecommerce software should have information of Total Sales of the business.

Ecommerce Software - Overview page Sales Funnel

From this page, you can see how your visitors are converting into customers through the Sales Funnel.

Ecommerce Software - Overview page Average Lifetime Revenue
Ecommerce Software - Overview page Customer Retention

Also there is a Cohort Chart that shows Average Lifetime Revenue and Customer Retention.

Actually, there are many more Stats or Sections that we can show on the Overview page. But because it's only for Dribbble exploration purposes, I only show some sections.

Ecommerce Software - Icons

Always creates icons by myself for Project or Exploration.

Ecommerce Software - Overview page view

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Service we provided:

— Product Design

— UX/UI Design

— Web Design

— Mobile App Design

— Landing Page Design

— Responsive Design

— Design System

— UI Prototyping

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