Remote for Mac - Ready for testing!

Note: Remote is no longer under development. The links in the post are no longer active (but I'm going to keep the shot up for nostalgia's sake)

Remote is an elegant and refined Notification Center widget for controlling your music.

Remote will ship with support for iTunes and Spotify and is focused on the essentials of music playback: Play/Pause, Skip Forward, Skip Backward and the ability to scrub through a track. Smooth animations and interactions add an extra bit of polish to the experience.

Simple on the surface, Remote includes some delightful details (with more to come):

- The ability to start iTunes and Spotify from within widget.
- Auto scrolling track details for tracks with long titles.
- Beautifully rendered album artwork.
- Volume that fades in on play to ease the strain on your ears.
- A shortcut to open iTunes and Spotify to the currently playing song by clicking on the album artwork.

Head on over to the website to sign up for the beta. We appreciate your feedback! (Remote requires OS X 10.10 Yosemite and will support iTunes and Spotify at launch.) Sign up for the beta here.

(note: if you're not using a trackpad, try setting Notification Center to a Hot Corner to save a click!)

Remote is a passion project lovingly crafted in Yerevan, Armenia and North Vancouver, Canada by Vahagn and Jordan. We’re a two-man team who are passionate about building opinionated, refined and delightful tools and utilities for iOS and the Mac.

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