Academee - Brand Design (Studi & M6)

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What would it take if the biggest French Digital School and one of the biggest French TV channel worked together and creating a new online school ? 

That’s what Studi and M6 answered by creating Academee. A school for passions, with the most famous professionals in their sector, such as Philippe Etchebest and the Top Chef candidates, Cristina Cordula and her team, and respectively godfather and godmother of the cooking and beauty courses. 

As the Art director of Studi it was natural for me to work on this new brand. Whereas Studi had a lot of different subject, Academee only starts with 5 : Cooking and baking, beauty, home and decoration, personal service, commerce and sales. With a huge promote of the two first.

It was really fun to interact avec M6, their stars and even have feedbacks of Top Chef. I really enjoy working on this project such I love cooking. 

Hope you guys will like it and let me know your thought's on it. 🚀


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Academee ad that was distributed on french TV 📺

Posted on Jul 19, 2022
Pierre-Olivier Cuillière
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