Deliveries for Apple Watch

I've been tinkering with this for the past week or so. These are actually screenshots of the app, already functional—and displayed in the wonderful Bezel app by Troy Gaul.

Working with the Apple Watch SDK has been interesting and fun. As you may know already, the guts of the app run on your iPhone, and the watch itself just has a storyboard with the layout, and some images files. The iPhone sends the watch data and simple instructions for configuring the display. The watch needs to know how to construct the layout on its own, so layout is a bit more like CSS than UIKit. You use groups to line things up and add padding, each element has a vertical and horizontal alignment, and so on. It's simplistic but by nesting groups you can do quite a bit with it.

Anyway here's where I'm with it right now. It's sort of a cross between the Today widget and the iOS app—you get a list of deliveries you can tap on for more information. The detail view has a simple map, and you can force tap to archive or manually refresh. There will also be a "Glance" with a summary of deliveries arriving soon, and notifications with action buttons just like the iOS app.

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Posted on Jan 15, 2015

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