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Hey folks!πŸ‘‹

We regularly conduct feedback sessions within our team, during which we discuss the tools in which we work and check the "pain-points" of our workflow.

One of the last sessions resulted in an internal workshop for the Figma tool, which is our main design tool.

During the workshop, the idea was born to create a file on the basis of which all members of our team start working on a new project. Our idea was to unify the system of building the structure of the entire project file, primarily from the perspective of the πŸ’Ž GUI and Styleguide building structure.

We checked the many different tools available and none of them was able to meet 100% of our expectations. So we decided to create our own product, which we tentatively named UI StarterFile. ✨

UI StarterFile is the base Figma file, which at the beginning has a GUI structure with prepared example components and typography and color styles. When starting a new project, all you need to do is adjust individual elements, such as styles, to it.

Thanks to this, we managed to obtain a uniform structure of all files, and at the same time find the added value that each of our clients receives - standardized GUI, additionally supplemented with descriptions, which are especially helpful in creating subsequent iterations of the project and during the web development stage.

We are currently in the MVP phase, but excited about the results we have achieved, we wanted to share a little sneak peek with you.

Ultimately, the entire, polished and complete file will be available in the official Figma community for free. πŸ™Œ Keep your fingers crossed 🀞 and follow us - soon we will be giving you completely free access to the entire project.

PS. For all freaks, the file will also contain darkmode 🌞🌚 which fits perfectly into the GUI of dark interfaces. πŸ”₯


Thanks for your attention!

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Soon more! πŸ™Œ

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