Tigris Branding

One of our latest projects at Indicius in collaboration with our partner Litebox, was for Tigris Data, a server-less data platform that takes care of the infrastructure so that developers can rapidly create data-driven apps.

Tigris is all about usability and making developers’ jobs easier. That’s why our job was to create a sleek, user-friendly brand and landing page that represented its powerful technology for potential users.

The new branding was accompanied by custom illustrations by our partner Santi Gatti. They’re meant to represent technology, connectivity, and usability while utilizing the brand’s palette and gradients in unique compositions. These were used in the new landing page—designed by our partner Litebox—to showcase Tigris’ most important features.

Now with their fresh new landing page, Tigris can begin collecting potential customer data and start making modern app-creation a breeze for developers. Check it out here!

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