Checkout designs for a fitness studio dashboard

a little context...

Arketa offers a web-based dashboard that helps fitness instructors and studio managers to run their online businesses and brick and mortar operations.

With the addition of a new POS system to the dashboard, I got the opportunity to design a checkout system from scratch. Super fun : )

Check out with a card

Users can complete their checkout by adding a new card and saving it for future use. If a card has already been saved, the checkout component will default to that saved card as the payment type.

Checkout with cash

Cash payments can be typed in or added by quickly tapping the dollar buttons. If the shopper overpays we display the amount of change due. This form will get most of its use when fitness students are checking in for classes at the studio.

Search for a student while checking out

Although most transactions will be made after a student is authenticated, the checkout process can be started before the student's profile has even been created in the system. For these cases we added a search component as well as the ability to create a new student while checking out.

Thanks for taking a look!

Roy Alnashef
designer + webflower + woodworker

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