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Today I would like to come back to you with a project that I made over 1.5 years ago, which I still like very much and I am happy to come back to it. 🧡

Currently, I am at the stage of creating an extensive case study in which I will describe my role in this project in detail, but in the meantime, I invite you to the next parts of the project.

Exactly at midnight on the New Year 2021, one of the best, in my opinion, rebrandings in the social media and digital agency industry took place. 

Social Tigers has turned into TIGERS! 🐯


Social Tigers was established in 2015 in the capital of our country, Warsaw, on the initiative of an amazing man - Franciszek Georgiew, CEO. Since then, the agency has recorded a very dynamic development, both in terms of the team, clients and competences. All this is additionally confirmed by soaring financial results! 📈

As a result of the dynamic development, Social Tigers transformed from a social media agency into a digital agency. It was also accompanied by changing the name to TIGERS! 💥

One of the major elements of the rebranding was also the preparation of a new website. I come in here. 😉

In cooperation with the WisePeople, responsible for the web development of the entire website, I prepared a complete, individual graphic design and website animations. 🙌

A lot of work, but even more satisfaction for me as a designer. 🧡 At the moment, you can view the Post-MVP version, which is available online at 👉 www.tigers.pl

In today's presentation, I would like to show you a few key pages related to the Tiger team, including:

1. Team Tigers,

2. Details of the selected team member,

3. List of job offers,

3. Tigers career path.

Thanks for your attention!

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Soon more! 🙌

Would you like to implement a branding, website or a mobile application,

but you do not know where to start?

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