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Morning & Evening Growl Styles

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Morning & Evening Growl Styles morning evening growl

A few people have asked for me to make the style, so here you go! I've put in left and right variants for either side of your screen.

Some design notes:

The alert size is fixed since I'm using a background image. I tried to make it with CSS3 but getting the gradient to blend with the 1px inset border, and getting the triangle to work with the shadow proved extremely difficult and the result didn't look as nice as the concept.

I've also made them a tad more opaque, improving readability on various backgrounds. You can adjust transparency in Growl anyway.

One modification I'd like to make is the use of text-overflow: ellipsis-lastline; however that value isn't in webkit yet. It'd be a nice solution to cutting off the text in mid sentence.

If anyone can make any improvements, please feel free!

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