Leica Leitz Phone 1

Hey folks, excited to share with you another project I was working on some time ago.

Leica is an iconic brand among photographers and creatives, but key metrics show that the camera market is shrinking due to the competition from mobile phones. iPhone and other flagman phones can take photos that are almost indistinguishable from professional ones. It is obvious that this trend will continue, while research shows that interest in photography and video creation grows.

Leica was looking for a way to transform their business and adapt to these changes. The company selected a few possible directions, like creating a mobile phone focused on photo enthusiasts, and eventually developing it in a new line of mobile devices.

I joined the team in the early stages of the exploration process to help navigate through these business efforts and create a visual language for it. Leica phone is an actual device you can currently buy in Japan, and the company plans expansion to other markets.

You are welcome to drop me a line at hello@paryhin.com if you are seeking a product designer (especially a 🇺🇦 Ukrainian one).

Eugene Paryhin
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