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The year 2021 was a watershed year for the Non-fungible Tokens and digital art collectibles. NFT sales volume totaled US $24.9 billion compared to $94.8 million the previous year. The client wanted us to build an NFT marketplace that even a layman could trade on. They were looking for a unique NFT marketplace app that is secure, scalable, and quicker than ever; hence, they approached us with the idea of creating an NFT marketplace for short videos.

Blockchain ecosystems were not as scalable as they are today. To ensure an impeccable user experience, issues such as block size restrictions and slow block confirmations must be resolved. By incorporating the matic framework into our app, we aim to resolve these issues. As opposed to existing blockchain apps, our app offers an excellent user experience through the use of a matic network.

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Posted on Jun 15, 2022

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