World Ocean Day Web Page

Taking action and combating climate change is vital in the 21st century, and Zajno firmly stands by it. On this occasion, I decided to make a page where the user can find information about social activities connected to The International Ocean Day, its history, and topics covered on previous anniversaries. The same issue will be discussed this year: "The 2022 theme for the World Ocean Day is Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean".

Also, one of the blocks displays a list of organizations engaged in cleaning and solving ocean-related issues, which can be donated. The website has recommendations on how you can help the ocean in addition to donations.

As for visuals on the page, I used the Shutterstock works created by darina.ill. I depicted a decent number of plastic bags, which directly demonstrated the pollution load of the oceans. In terms of layout, I wanted to achieve quite "sweepy" blocks to resemble the ebb and flow of the ocean. 

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