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Permoney is a project we’ve been working on for the last few weeks. The work turned out well, and everything you see - we made everything from scratch: UX design, UI design, Illustrations, and UI motion.

The peculiarity of such projects is that we tell the whole story of the product through the illustrative and animated part showing the main advantages of this product.

It is also important to note this contrast and attractiveness of the design itself. We managed to emphasize the part that sells the idea to the client and encourages the use of the product. Text content already plays a role more than how to catch up and get this client accurately.

And pay attention to the animation, as it coherently jumps from one feature to another, holding attention for a few seconds and allowing immersing yourself and the benefits fully.

The work from both design and marketing is very successful from the point of view. It would be interesting to hear your opinion. Share?

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Art director — Taras Migulko

Design — emote.agency

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