When I was told that we were holding another CodeConf soon after the success of the inaugural one, I was pretty ecstatic. Because when I was asked to do the logo, they wanted it to "be versatile" and "to last".

So PyCodeConf proved to be a challenge of it's own, which got a bit easier thanks to the generosity of the Python Software Foundation for letting us use the Python logo. Since we're holding it in Miami, the first thing I thought of were the neon lights along Miami's party strips and I embraced that aspect. I didn't know how to do neon—so I learned. This is what came out of it.

After completing this, it shot my love for the mark sky high. I sincerely cannot wait to get back into the CodeConf groove, nor can I wait for what other iterations the "C-blank-C" mark will go through.

Attached is the wallpaper set I made available to GitHub users today, hopefully they'll find a home on your digi-device as well. :)

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Posted on Jun 1, 2011
If a squirrel tells you to ship it, you must ship it!

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