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It has been an exciting month since Sanctuary of Legends was proudly born. As a thrilling journey of exploration of the characters and their kinds, how can we miss some specific symbols bonded in our childhood? You will find out some special editions throughout the SOL pack. Enjoy your expedition in collecting it!

More info on the NFTS & the story of the characters 👉 here.

🐵🤖 Goku Z Being the last generation of the Saiyan Z race, he was sent to Earth after the collapse of the homeworld due to the civil fight.

DOB May 9 | Male | Warrior | Discreet.

🐉🔮 Dragon This tiny white baby Dragon was born holding a wish-granting ball, which is the first one that Goku Z found by the radar.

DOB May 06 | Male | White Polka Dot | Impartial.

.MP4, 2000x2000 px. 12 seconds, 720 frames, 60 fps.

Crafted by Tran Mau Tri Tam ✪

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