CookinGenie - Marketplace to Hire a Chef for Home Cooked Meals

The Client

CookinGenie is a two-way marketplace that helps the user to order their favorite dishes from different cuisines of the world which are cooked right into your kitchens. The customer can find cooks, pick their favorite dishes, and order/schedule it! On the other hand, the cooks buy required groceries according to the order, cook them at the given location and clean the premises.

The Challenge

1. Different levels of inconsistencies throughout the platform, which was creating friction in order to experience the whole journey.

2. It was challenging for the customers to explore and search for the dishes they were looking for, as the platform was focused on cooks.

3. The platform had different levels of customization restrictions such as ingredient preferences and choosing the number of persons.

4. The platform’s user interface design was cluttered and counterintuitive.

Research & Approach

After understanding the challenges and pain points. We did an extensive level of research related to user behaviors & competitors.

We also measured how people were using the current platform and learned the areas where customers would face difficulties to access it. 

All of this information helped us to move forward.

We picked a couple of pain points and came up with something quick and tangible (low-fi wireframes/sketches) for the client to spark conversation.

We presented ideas in the form of rough sketches to get quick client feedback over zoom calls

The low-fi wireframing activity was an iterative process that allowed us to quickly fine-tune information architecture based on the feedback without getting distracted

High-fidelity Wireframes

Once the structural direction got approved for a bunch of screens. We moved on towards hi-fi wireframes to get a more realistic idea in terms of fonts, grid, and components

The Solution

We refreshed the entire platform and created a modern, dynamic and scalable user interface with an optimized user experience. Our revamp helps users find their favorite dishes/cuisine quickly and easily with different levels of filtering options which made the food exploration trouble-free for the customers. 

Landing pages and platform desktop experience

Designed clean, fun and engaging web experience for the users

Custom Icon Family

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