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Hey guys!

We’ve posted a shot about an NFT project ‘The 365 Party’ recently, and I am going to tell you more about its website animation. Given the statics of a website original version, I didn’t want to burden text with lots of animation. I was free to sketch and develop a visualization of how the website would have looked if Zajno developed it.

After thinking about how to animate the text without moving it, I realized what inspires me most in page design. It is a color scheme, specifically the contrast of two bright primary colors you see in the animation.

Based on this contrast, I decided to animate the text blocks with color, using the text as a mask. Special attention was paid to the hovers of cards. The ticket-like shape inspired me to create an idea of the ticket stub while hovering a cursor over it. Special thanks to Igor for this idea! To top it all off, I added a combination of masks and animated multi-colored shapes.

Please share your thoughts regarding website animation in comments :) 

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Posted on Apr 21, 2022

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