Tutor App

Yo! Check out our fresh design for a Tutor app!

It’s an e-learning app where students can gain knowledge in the modern specialties, improve their skills and get the support of the tutors👨‍🏫

On the shot you see:

🌟the main screen of the app where students can subscribe to the theme channels and see their skill cards

✨a chat page (students can communicate with other students or tutors)

🤩video call example. Tutors can discuss students’ works online

In terms of the color palette, we used deep blue as the accent color. It gives energy and helps to focus on creativity😜

Get useful skills and if you have any questions you can ask your tutor!

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If you want to get a design but can’t find a designer that meets all your demands, check out our article

Interface by Daria Lobacheva

Motion by Alexandr Schasny

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