In Progress: Bernie Yodelin’ Hall Album Packaging

Hey dribbblonians,

Here’s some in progress packaging for my friend Trey. It’s Vocal Rest Records’ first full length release. I love the moment in these projects where the front has been nailed down, and I get to turn my attention to the peripherals: back cover, inserts, discs, etc. They have to be informed by the look and feel of the cover, but they also need to add to the experience, and carry their own weight.

Speaking of weight, this is a heavy project. Bernie died before this got released. Bernie also happens to be Trey’s dad. My heart breaks for him. I think that Trey’s work on this — he produced it, played on it, collaborated with people like me on it — couldn’t be a more fitting tribute. 

I believe the physical release is a ways out, but Blue Ridge Mountain Yodel is available on spotify, etc. Stream it to your heart’s content.

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