Animated Drobeaux's first word

I'm trying to stay on the schedule of doing one letter of Hobeaux Drips (aka Drobo) every day. It's definitely a painstaking process, but the satisfaction from achieving a seamless loop is quite okay!

These are the first letters I've drawn, but I also have period, comma, and hyphen taken care of. I started with the low hanging fruit.

I'm no expert in animation, so let me know if this looks jacked to you animation aficionados. I know there are improvements to be made.

Drobeaux will eventually have a background layer that animates along with the foreground, that way, you can choose to set either one alone, or both on top of each other, like this:

Do you guys think the tops of the letters should be closed? That might allow for more color options.

Posted on Nov 12, 2014

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