Recently debuted a new music project and had a lot of fun making the letters for the logo and fleshing out some initial brand exploration. This is a project I started after spending a lot of time being way too hard on myself about the music I was writing. Joy Scout is just about doing it--making the art, having fun, choosing not to walk into the tar pit of hypothetical failures.

The look and the name were influenced by my experience in Boy Scouts--namely Cub Scouts (being the most fun, least toxically masculine version of the franchise). This work reminds me of local park signs, hand-chiseled lettering, uniform badges, and LIFE magazine from the 1960s.

So anyway, I had booked some studio time I couldn't afford, and after months of trying to decide if people would laugh me out of a glorified hobby after releasing some very low fidelity tunes produced at home, I wrote a song about my cat, made a music video in my living room and released that shiz to the internet. Might post another shot with some details, but you can find the video here:

Posted on Apr 14, 2022
Paul Beveridge
Letters & Illustrations

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