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This is a modal to allow users to share a new project. They can copy a shareable link or embed link, manage default sharing permissions, add team members, and even invite new team members to the project.

Modals are generally reserved for smaller amounts of information as long lists can quickly take up the entire screen on small devices. In cases such as this, the addition of horizontal scroll functionality and a simple search bar allows teams to add dozens of team members without affecting usability too much.

The default size of the modal is such that the fourth user (Andi Lane) is half cut off intentionally, indicating to the user that there are more users below. As they hover over the list of users, it's a good idea to show a scrollbar as another visual cue that they can interact with this section and scroll through the list.

Pro tip: clicking anywhere outside of the modal should close the modal, just as the user would click 'Cancel' or an X to close the modal. It's a good idea to show an X in the top right corner of your modal if space permits, but not entirely necessary if the cancel action is clear enough.

A modal is a secondary window that communicates or provides an action inside the same process. They’re incredibly useful for communicating additional information, collecting information, or directing users without forcing them to leave the page.

Be careful though, when modals are used unnecessarily or are hard to use, they can become intrusive and annoying for the user. Nobody likes pop-ups.

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