jazz hall – identity and print design


Jazz is not just a successful combination of notes. It is a special energy that touches the deepest strings of the soul. When we were approached by Jazz Hall catering company that catered events of St. Petersburg Jazz Philharmonic, we immediately realized that there was a non-standard task ahead.

We had to develop a corporate style and menu design that would attract and amaze the demanding and even sophisticated audience of the cultural capital. We clearly realized that the design should surprise, arouse interest and convey the unique emotions and feelings that jazz evokes.

We proposed to make not an ordinary menu, but a real guide to the world of culinary delights and events in the Philharmonic, which you can take away with you. In order to take into account the interests of a demanding audience, we supplemented it with a series of articles about the history of jazz, its key figures and trends. As a result, the Jazz Hall menu has become a full-fledged magazine, where you can choose a dish and learn interesting facts about your favorite music. 

We managed to design an effective instrument of native advertising, focused on the values of regular visitors to the Philharmonic and the formation of loyalty of the audience with a high cultural level.

We created a bright, dynamic logo, combining the word Jazz with the theme of the bar. The logo is based on recognizable noir images of jazz clubs of the middle of the last century: smoke, light, silhouettes, shadows. As a result, we managed to convey a stunning atmosphere, which brings nostalgia to jazz connoisseurs and sets them on the right wave. We were guided by the message “jazz is a feeling” and conveyed emotion through images.

Particular attention was paid to the design of the image product – the wine of the same name, produced on the basis of Spanish vineyards. We developed a package that linked the images of “me now” and “me in the future”, using a metaphorical division of the label in half by overlaying the red color. The same message was transmitted to the entire brand image.

The new design says it all without words that Jazz Hall is an amazing place where guests can not only have a delicious meal and relax, but also get in touch with the space that combines music and feelings.

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