TravelPass | Corporate Travel UI Concept

We understand that corporate travel is a large industry, with a lot of space for innovation tho it needs huge efforts from all the players to truly elevate the traveler experience ✈️. But being #dreamers as we are, we thought why not skip some steps and start dreaming... So our team got together and thought, why can't we have a mobile application that is fine-tuned for the corporate travelers to:

🤩 Easily receive information and budget for the business trip, all in one place.

😌 Easily book preferred travel products that are aligned with corporate policies & take advantage of the corporate perks 😎.

💬 Feel appreciated to give feedback about the trip right when the experience is hot.

So hope you enjoy this little concept. Oh, and btw, our team borrowed the fluent design language from the great designers from @Microsoft Design. Amazing works!

Product concept & UX direction: Alex Hoang

Product design: Irie Tran

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