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New website for enua Pharma GmbH!

enua Pharma (previously Cannify) is getting ready for cannabis legalization in Germany!

enua Pharma is a pioneer in German Medical Cannabis history. We have been in constant collaboration with the enua (Cannify) team since 2018 — the early phrases of the company. Now, I'm very excited to announce that we tighten our collaboration even more - following up with their strategic market positioning and helping them to adapt to the fast-growing cannabis market in Germany. Cannabis in Germany is getting fully legalized soon and therefore the need to adapt and appeal to the medical but also the recreational market is crucial.

In close collaboration with the enua team, we helped them to design and develop the new website and digital shop for their company, as well as to update their brand personality.

Link to live website: www.enua.de

More is coming soon, stay tuned!

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