Stop War in Ukraine!

It's been 3 weeks since I drew last time.

3 weeks have passed since the beginning of the war in my Ukraine.

I almost never talked about myself in publications and about where I am from. So, I am from Ukraine - a wonderful country that is now resisting Putin's fascist regime with all its might.

Recently, some girl wrote to me in direct and called us all "bastards" because, in her opinion, politics and creativity should not stand side by side. I have never been political. But now it's no longer a matter of politics. The fact is that this concerns each of us, everyone who lives in Ukraine, everyone who worries about the lives of their relatives and friends, because very terrible things are happening in many places in Ukraine now. And Russian citizens simply do not even try to understand this. They think about Instagram, which was blocked for them, or Ikea, which went out of the Russian market.

Human lives are a million times more important than this bullshit, but for some reason now, when the whole world is on the side of Ukraine, only Russian citizens are afraid to go out into the street and declare that the WAR SHOULD BE STOP!

I want to go back to my normal daily activities. But I can't. I just want this nightmare to end soon.

We are afraid, but we fight.

Thanks to everyone who cares about us - it means a lot. Thanks to you we will survive.

Here you can find more ways to help Ukraine.

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