Physiotherapy App

Hello, dear friends! We are here with a new shot: it’s a service for those who take a course of physiotherapy. In this app, you can find examples of exercises and choose a physiatrist👩‍⚕️

Users can:

✅mark their symptoms 

🤝choose a doctor

💬discuss the treatment plan with a doctor

👀see the treatment plan and start doing exercises

On the exercise page, there is a description, users can pause the exercise, move to the next or previous one🌟

💧The accent color is blue, it evokes a sense of calm and safety. 

Users can discuss their treatment with a doctor right in the app or even make their own plan — it’s the main app feature.

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If you want to know how we designed Healthcare App, check out our article

Interface by Alena Bezuglova

Motion by Alexandr Schasny

Purrweb UI/UX Agency
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