The Hoppy Trinity / Label Design

To celebrate the winter holiday festivities, RazBeerbriga & BeerCuz call upon the wondrous power of 3 to evoke an immensely joyous and enjoyable brew - The Hoppy Trinity! Harkening back to the legendary powers of triumvirates past, we have brewed a magnificently potent potion that brings together in wondrous unison the most glorious trio of hops - Citra, Simcoe, and Mosaic - in all their mythically delicious splendour and in blissfully prodigious amounts! Bolstering this divinely hoppy exultation are three of the most renown and choicest malts - Pilsner, Pale Ale, and Munich. Together, these exalted ingredients combine in a beer of epic proportions - a Triple IPA with a whopping 9% ABV bursting over in flavours of intense citrus, exotic spice, and piney incense that will have you singing its praises and merrymaking to the greatest heights of the holiday season - thrice over!!! Cheers, Salud, and Ziveli!!!

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