Battle #17 - xPark App

The project idea was an application to improve the parking space sharing scheme at our Saarbrücken site.

This lets our employees flexibly organize their way to work: with a Jobticket, a Jobrad bike, on foot or by car. When using the latter, they’re allocated a parking space. Some days, it’s very practical for employees that normally arrive by bike, on foot or by train to be able to use a parking space. In order to transparently show whether this is possible, for example because another employee’s allocated parking space is empty, the team was to use Flutter to develop an app. The aim was to reserve “empty” parking spaces or make allocated parking spaces available to other employees.

The initial design proposal derived from a Pixel Warriors challenge with our colleague Marie being the winner. Check out the Insights article of how the app is going.


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Posted on Jul 18, 2023
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