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What is Alias? Alias is a broad game for two teams. The player’s goal is to explain as many words as possible until the time runs out. Sometimes it’s inconvenient and expensive to buy a board game, so you can download it. Meet our new concept of the Alias app.

The onboarding screen introduces users to game rules. The home screen displays the list of word topics. The second screen displays a game task, a number of guessed words, and a timer.

When creating this concept we tried to stay consistent with the design of Alias, so we chose yellow and orange to be the main colorful accents. Also, we added some cartoon-like pictures to create a welcoming and friendly app atmosphere.

You can open and add new word sets to your game app in case you and your friends got bored with the standard ones. Using this app you can read the explanation of each word, so you don’t need to google it.

What is your favorite board game?

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