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Sketch Land sketch plugins website site

A couple of months have passed since I started using Sketch and I'm getting pretty comfortable with it. My muscle memory has now adjusted and I'm beginning to forget all of those Photoshop shortcuts and workflows. I figure this is the perfect time to start digging a little deeper into the available plugins, to try and boost my workflow. The purpose of this site, is to provide information and useful links for people starting out with Sketch.

This site started as a way to kill time on a transatlantic flight, which had no inflight entertainment, all of the screens were broken, so I had nothing else to do and started playing around with it. The project fell by the wayside for a while, I was then able to finish it off this week at a hackathon.

This will be an ongoing project, so please submit any resources that have helped you use Sketch.

Hopefully you’ll find it useful, you can check out the site here:



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