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We're more than happy to show you how we've created a new brand strategy, visual identity and website for the famous Vue.js framework. We've worked together with NuxtJS in 2020 and we're more than happy to share the results of that collaboration.

The client

NuxtJS is the company behind the Nuxt.js framework that helps developers build server-rendered Vue.js applications with ease.

With the meteoric rise of React.js as the leading front-end development framework, NuxtJS quickly outgrew its simple beginnings. With more than 2M downloads per month, it is one of the most loved frameworks in the community.

The challenge

With a $2M seed round and the ever-growing community, it was time for NuxtJS to evolve and adapt. With so much attention on their framework, the team had never before had the chance to apply the same care to their brand and website’s user experience.

The project’s main goal was to create a strong new identity without losing touch with the existing community and building a comprehensive experience for their website users.

The solution

To offer more depth and context to the NuxtJS identity, we defined a new brand strategy that references the Pyrenees mountains (since both NuxtJS founders hail from there) across all marketing materials, including illustrations, badges, and other graphical elements.

We conducted a holistic UX research process that informed gaps in marketing messaging and services which helped us identify opportunities and create insights on structuring the new website.

We've designed a completely new website that successfully expands upon what the NuxtJS team built for the past years and maintains the connection with its ever-growing community.

The result

The Nuxt team decided to take their brand in a different direction and launched a revised brand and website environment almost 18 months after our initial engagement. Nevertheless, we're incredibly proud of our work and wish all the best to Alex and Sébastien in their journey.


Thanks to the fantastic NuxtJS team and BB's talented design team, including Wesley, Vicente, Adrian, and Filip.

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