Website Design for Recovco Mortgage Management

Recovco knows mortgage loans. Their staff of experienced mortgage professionals deals with more than 10,000 files every month as they deliver best in class performance and industry leading service to their customers. But despite all that, they had one serious problem … their website sucked. 


The information was clinical and boring. The colours were drab and uninspiring. And the imagery was tired and ineffective. Their website wasn't winning them business, it was costing them customers. So we set out to change it from an average url to an exceptional experience. 


Inspired by mortgages, we built an idyllic neighbourhood to represent Recovco, depicting each of their services as a space inside a home. These familiar spaces draw the visitor in and make them feel welcome. And, to give a sense for the personalities behind the company, we introduced a family dog to each environment. Finally we breathed life into the site by animating each tableau, creating a truly unique and inviting destination for Recovco’s visitors. 

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